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How heavy is your website

Take The Ecommerce Website Design Issues By The Horns to Grab The Market

You never get a second chance to utilize a seasonal sales craze and make your customers fan of your ecommerce. Offering grand discount isn’t enough always. It’ll just suck up your profit and push you in a bottleneck situation.

Just kill the issues in your ecommerce website design; improve the overall performance; implement online marketing strategy and the flood of traffic will lead to your website. How? Here are some unbeatable ideas to make your ecommerce website design compelling.


There are giant companies in the market. Can we catch up with them?

We don’t say that your site will be in the top. These companies unbelievably huge amount just for branding as well as promotion and that’s why a major part of the customers can’t be distracted. But, relax! Still you’ll have thousands of customers who can come to your site. Isn’t that enough to fulfill your hunger?

Then what’s your suggestion regarding the What, How and When should I do?

Well, there’s no perfect time. Still, you should prepare before any peak season. Because that’s the perfect time to attract maximum potential customers. Our first tips are on this point.

You should focus on the designing issues first. Make it extremely intuitive and user friendly. Make it lightning first. Make it flawless. Use excellent validation of fields. Offer advanced search with lots of ‘filter’ options. You must contact your website designing company to fix these issues.

Then jump into marketing part and set the magnet in the perfect position. Know what your unique selling point is and utilize that as your weapon to head into the market. Remember, your first impression is highly important.

What type designing changes do I need?

website design

If required, you might need to re-develop your website. However, in most of the cases, it requires minor changes in the look and feel. Categorize all the products and let people find them using easy filter options, say, brand, price, popularity, latest etc.

Provide a quick description along with option to read in details. Place the buy, compare, add to wish-list buttons intuitively – not forcefully.

Simplify the sign up and check out option so that no customer gets confused. Remember, no one would pay until you can successfully win their trust. Validate every field properly, so that nobody feels the sign up of checkout process harassing.

Ask your web designing company to link different parts with related pages to make it easier jumping from one information to another.

Integrate powerful and extremely secure online payment gateway. Provide enough guideline to help your customers enter bank details without any hesitation.

Make your website completely mobile friendly, if not mobile website. You can also launch dedicated mobile apps for different mobile platforms. If your website contains several graphics, it might take long time to load in low-speed mobile networks. Ask your creative website designing company either to optimize or to hide those images in mobile version.

What about the marketing? Are you saying about the PPC campaign?

No. That’s just paid advertisements. The first three (or less) and the column in the right are paid advertisements. You might pay up to several dollars to get the top position if you have strong competitors. You’ll lose that amount every time someone clicks on those ads.

However, Internet is a great place, where systematic marketing can be free (almost free) and still the outcome can be vivid and long lasting. Rather, we would say, optimizing visibility of your website (organic SEO) costs less in internet than paid advertisements.

You can hire the top SEO companies in Kolkata for a long term optimization. It’s a slow but highly effective way. However, you can also partially continue the process by creating keyword rich, original and informative contents and publishing them in your blog page.

Of course, it’s just a supportive part that will attract Google to visit your site regularly. However, there are several other tasks that are also highly important to get the cherry on the cake. Sorry, you can’t do those without professional training. If you want advanced result, you have to contact the SEO companies to get the optimum result.

So, what next?

Now, when your bow is ready, just set the arrow, pull the string and wait for the perfect time to release the finger. Make the nearest special day to like Christmas, New Year etc. your target and launch a strategy driven offer. Make it viral through your social sites and your blog. You can also use the local free classifieds to amplify the effect.

What if still I don’t get enough customer?

Well, nothing is foolproof in the rapidly-changing virtual world. But, in such situation, we would say, it’s time to contact an expert. There must be some issue that you couldn’t spot out. Contact any of your local SEO companies and let them scan your website thoroughly and follow what they suggest.

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Unbeatable Ideas to Make Your Ecommerce Website Design Compelling

It’s already November and the winter has started to spread its root. People have started to prepare themselves to welcome 2015. Isn’t it the best time to correct the errors and issues with your business to give it a boost in the coming New Year?

Of course, we are talking about the issues with your e commerce shopping portal. You can multiply the performance and sale of your online business simply by following some simple tricks.

Being an experienced website designing company we have noticed some major issues that are very common and mostly ignored – either for lack of knowledge or for ignorance. Go through the tips.

How heavy is your website?

How heavy is your website

Yes, we are talking about the size or weight of the website. The bigger it will be, the longer time it will take to load. And every buyer of any shopping portal jumps from one product to another to find out the most appropriate product. If your website takes long time, they will simply quit it.

So, what can I do?

Optimize the images. I mean, reduce the size of the images. There are two popular ways – reducing the image resolution and compressing the image.

If you follow the first one, it might affect the image quality. In fact, reducing the image resolution means reducing the details of the images.

On the other hand, there are several online and offline tools that can be used to compress the image size keeping the quality ‘almost’ same! Yes, mind it, we never say that it won’t affect the quality at all.

Most of the best website design services use professional image optimizer that compresses the images that hardly affects the image quality

Are the functions of your website predictable?

Predictable in the sense, one can easily understand what the function of a particular button is or how to perform an action. For example, we have visited many shopping portals where the process of finding out the perfect product or purchasing a product is very complicated.

It requires knowledge on the viewer’s psychology as well as the technology to implement the knowledge. You must remember that not all the viewers of your site are well familiar with online shopping. So, help them make their first purchase by spoon-feeding everything that they are looking for.

Does your website track the viewers’ interest area?

You added a product in your wish-list but didn’t purchase; from the next day, you started getting offers related to that particular product or similar ones. Isn’t it amazing? You must know that it stimulates the buyers to purchase the product.

Most of the top website designing company use this technology while develop any shopping portal. It increases the number of sales remarkably.

Is your website accessible through mobiles?

No visitor likes to stretch and shrink constantly to view different parts of a website. It must need to be mobile friendly; if not mobile version (i.e. m.example.com). You can find more tips on engaging web development to master the market in our previous blogs.

Today almost 60% of the buyers track their product through mobiles and tabs and soon it will increase more. A big part of the rest of the buyers, surf from their office computers. So, make it highly mobile friendly. It’s even better if you provide them an intuitive mobile apps for the three major platforms Android, Windows and iOS.

Creative Web Design Services

A Bunch of Tips on Web Design to Make Your Shopping Portal More Market-Friendly

It’s hard to calculate how many shopping portals are launching everyday across the world. No matter it’s developed in Magento, WooCommers, ASP.Net or any other technology, the UI is one of the most powerful parts to ensure more conversion. But, it’s very funny that, when a client discuss with the best website design services, they mostly talk about the technology and the functionalities. They leave the UI design part for the designers. We already have discussed on Engaging Web Development to Master The Market. So, let’s today know some more tips on web design how you can make your website UI market-friendly to increase conversion.

Insight Driven Refine Option

People have become lazier and they want everything at their fingertip. They want shortcuts. Refine option is the most effective feature for such people to make their searching method easier. But, it’s the knowledge and skill of the developer to make the refine option more useful and intuitive. Offer the visitors a bunch of highly effective filter options that really works as they actually want. We know best website design services that have developed several ecommerce portals with research driven filtering options.

Option to Revise The Refine Feature

We’ve visited website that offer refine option for one time. If you want to revise it, you have to go back and then forth or have to reload the page. It’s very immature development process. Change it and offer endless revision options as well as multiple filtering options. No doubt, it’s very effective in reaching them to their ‘destination product’.

Place Search Bar at The Right Place

Whenever we visit any shopping portal we feel the necessity of a search bar, no matter how useful filter options are there. We want the simplest method to find our desired product. Place it in the most appropriate place as per the design you have prepared. To make it even more useful, most of the creative web design services add features like autocomplete.

Highlight The Offer Tags Properly

Neither make it exaggerated nor make it too small to see. Make it eye catchy and proportionately matching. It should attract the visitor; but shouldn’t disturb. I think, it’s clear what I want to say. But, above all, never forget to place such attention-grabbing taglines. You can follow our previous blogs regarding how to attract visitors.

Don’t Misguide or Harass Your Visitor

Temporarily out of stock

In several sites we have noticed that, after selecting a product when you proceed to the cart, you find that the product is out of stock. Simply it’s harassing your visitor and shows lack of professionalism. Strictly avoid it. Be clear if an item is ‘out of stock’. Inform the visitor well before he invests time in the product. Rather turn his focus on similar and ‘available’ products.

Use Interactive Images

Best Website Design Services

Images are not just to decorate your website; it’s also to help your visitor understand about your products and services. So, always take your time to find out or create most suitable and enough expressive image for a particular product or section. Same is applicable for icons. Another point; always use high quality image which are purchased legally or collected from royalty-free.