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A Bunch of Tips on Web Design to Make Your Shopping Portal More Market-Friendly

It’s hard to calculate how many shopping portals are launching everyday across the world. No matter it’s developed in Magento, WooCommers, ASP.Net or any other technology, the UI is one of the most powerful parts to ensure more conversion. But, it’s very funny that, when a client discuss with the best website design services, they mostly talk about the technology and the functionalities. They leave the UI design part for the designers. We already have discussed on Engaging Web Development to Master The Market. So, let’s today know some more tips on web design how you can make your website UI market-friendly to increase conversion.

Insight Driven Refine Option

People have become lazier and they want everything at their fingertip. They want shortcuts. Refine option is the most effective feature for such people to make their searching method easier. But, it’s the knowledge and skill of the developer to make the refine option more useful and intuitive. Offer the visitors a bunch of highly effective filter options that really works as they actually want. We know best website design services that have developed several ecommerce portals with research driven filtering options.

Option to Revise The Refine Feature

We’ve visited website that offer refine option for one time. If you want to revise it, you have to go back and then forth or have to reload the page. It’s very immature development process. Change it and offer endless revision options as well as multiple filtering options. No doubt, it’s very effective in reaching them to their ‘destination product’.

Place Search Bar at The Right Place

Whenever we visit any shopping portal we feel the necessity of a search bar, no matter how useful filter options are there. We want the simplest method to find our desired product. Place it in the most appropriate place as per the design you have prepared. To make it even more useful, most of the creative web design services add features like autocomplete.

Highlight The Offer Tags Properly

Neither make it exaggerated nor make it too small to see. Make it eye catchy and proportionately matching. It should attract the visitor; but shouldn’t disturb. I think, it’s clear what I want to say. But, above all, never forget to place such attention-grabbing taglines. You can follow our previous blogs regarding how to attract visitors.

Don’t Misguide or Harass Your Visitor

Temporarily out of stock

In several sites we have noticed that, after selecting a product when you proceed to the cart, you find that the product is out of stock. Simply it’s harassing your visitor and shows lack of professionalism. Strictly avoid it. Be clear if an item is ‘out of stock’. Inform the visitor well before he invests time in the product. Rather turn his focus on similar and ‘available’ products.

Use Interactive Images

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Images are not just to decorate your website; it’s also to help your visitor understand about your products and services. So, always take your time to find out or create most suitable and enough expressive image for a particular product or section. Same is applicable for icons. Another point; always use high quality image which are purchased legally or collected from royalty-free.