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No More Nightmares! Tips on SEO Services to Increase Visibility without Pro Help

Google has set the Pigeon free! Almost five months passed since July 2014 and several websites got a hike in rank for free; whereas some fell on their knees.
Yes, Pigeon is the latest algorithm launched by Google this July and is dedicated to provide the Google-users more location-centric results. Don’t panic; its intention isn’t actually harmful. You don’t need to hire any SEO services to tackle this innocent bird.

However, after the release of Pigeon, many local businesses noticed random change on their website rank – some reached the first page and some lost their visibility from the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

There are four musketeers of Google. How to deal with them?

Simply, make your site enough informative. Content gets the most priority in SEO. Create quality back-links and try to make your site more and more user friendly. Remember, Google loves, what your users love. And that’s the rule of thumb, in other words, said by Google.

What about Pigeon, the tech-bird?

You don’t have to do a lot of hard work to get your position back. Just slice the keywords as per location. Now onwards you shouldn’t use keywords focusing broad area like “best SEO company India”; rather divide it in multiply city-centric keywords like, “SEO company Kolkata”, “SEO company Mumbai” and so on.

Of course, it’ll consume more effort and time. You also will need to publish more informative contents to avoid keyword stuffing. And thus your overall manpower investment will increase. But, at last we can’t ignore the visitor satisfaction. Isn’t it?

However, to provide you a better guidance here we’re providing a list of effective tips for you.

Make your site catchy

Make your website catchy

Don’t fall in love with your website design, just because it’s yours. Hate it and you’ll find out the flaws. Rectify those and you’ll get an attractive website at the end. It’ll automatically attract visitors, no matter how worthless it is actually.

It doesn’t mean visitors are bullshits. Be honest to help them.

Fill your website with as much information as you can or as it requires. Organize the information slab by slab to make it easier to find out. Create multiple sections or pages with dedicated type of information. Put useful links as well as graphics/images to clarify a point.

Don’t overload your website.

Using graphics and images is good to make a website attractive and easily comprehendible. But, too much images will increase the page loading-time. Best SEO services Kolkata suggests optimizing the images. It simply means decreasing the image size using some tools. Read Unbeatable Ideas to Make Your Ecommerce Website Design Compelling for further information.

Errors and bugs are enough to spoil your hard work. Wipe out all.

Here you need help of a profession SEO service provider (we are sorry for the inappropriate title). They will find out every error and fix them one by one. Popularly known as On-Page SEO. It’s important. Remember which makes your visitors unhappy, also makes Google unhappy. Why? Google wants keeping their visitors happy.

Social sites aren’t just for time pass. Utilize them professionally.

Popularity attracts Google. And the shortest way to gain popularity is involving visitors through social sites. You can Google a bit or contact the best SEO Company Kolkata for the same. However, it doesn’t require enough knowledge, if you’ve the basic idea.

So, what is the conclusion?

What we learned from this article is, remain honest and follow the standard SEO rules and you never have to worry about Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird or Pigeon.