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Make Money from Android Apps

Jaw Dropping Tips to Make Money from Android Apps

“What smartphone do you use?” It has become a common question of today’s youths to know how updated you are. However, the actual lifeblood of these so called high-end mobiles is its apps.

The iPhone has always remained the Holy Grail for the limited-budget buyers. Android has used this opportunity to rule the market. You will get abundance of Free Android Apps in Google Play store of android and above all, everyone can find the best matching app here.

But, do they develop android apps just for fun? What is the purpose behind investing so much time, effort and money for distributing Free Android Apps? Well, (mostly) it’s not a charity. They have long term business plan.

What kind of business plans do they use?

It may vary from one to another. However, mostly they follow three basic strategies and both of these are highly successful.

1.  They develop android app and upload a Trial version in the Google Play Store. People use it and if feels it useful, they purchase the paid version.

2.  Often they upload the app and keep a few of the most attractive features blocked. The user needs to pay to unlock the features.

3.  The third option is to distribute the app without any charge. But, the user has to allow running some advertisements on the app pages. It might be bothering for some users and on that case, they always can upgrade the app to a paid version. Even if the user doesn’t upgrade, you can get a handsome amount from the advertisers.
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What is the most profitable among these options?

It depends. All can be highly profitable in some certain kind of apps, like ‘Once Upon A Child’ or when you fulfill some certain criteria. Here are the most important points you must keep in mind:

•  Be sure before you plan to develop android app, it’s truly useful for most of your users. If it’s targeted to a particular category of people, no doubt, a major part of the users won’t download it.

•   Make it simple to use, engaging and above all bug free. Remember, one negative feedback will absorb several good feedbacks which can decrease the number of downloads drastically. So, overcome the Top Challenges of Android Development and make a really useful one.

•   If you want to get advertisements, the app must have to be popular. Make it viral in social sites and follow other promotional ways. I don’t think you need a paid promotion, if it’s a truly useful app/game.

•   Attach full details with the app while uploading the app to the Play-Store. You also should mention what kind of hardware will be required to use the app.

No matter, you are an android app development company, a website designing company, a business owner, or simply a freelance developer, you can follow these system to earn a good money. Try it and share your thoughts.

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Quick Remedies to Top Challenges of Android Development

When shopping malls have established their reputation in most of the cities and metros, e commerce sites have thrown challenge against them by providing easy home-shopping. Mobile apps have added salt to it by making the shopping as easy as a cup of tea.

As per survey report, every next shopping portal is contacting low cost android development companies to develop mobile apps for their site. It’s not just a craze; indeed, a necessity to grab the market rapidly.

But, if you look behind the scene, you’ll find that the developers (mostly less experienced ones) are not that much excited. Why? Ecommerce apps are highly complicated to develop as it needs to be highly efficient to attract, retrieve and retain customers. You can go through the Useful Handbook for Custom Software Development.

So, today we planned to highlight some of the most challenging parts of low cost android development to help the android developers. Just go through the points:

Multiple OS Versions :

Multiple OS Versions
Another irritating issue with low cost android development is its several OS releases. Of course it’s good for the users as they get something better every time; however, when it comes to app development, it’s just a headache.

You might suggest to focus on the most recent one; but how can you be sure that all the users have updated their phone? It becomes even more complex, when you buy a Smartphone on January 2011 that comes preinstalled with Android 2.1, while Android 2.2 had already been released in July 2010.
Make constant research on what version is most popular or widely adopted in most of the mobiles. Other possible way is to follow the oldest popular version that will run on most of the newer versions.

No Standard Screen Size :

It’s very frustrating (is it!) that Google still hasn’t standardized any common screen size or at list the ratio of screen resolution and that’s why it becomes very challenging to fit the app in mobiles with different screen sizes.
The only way to solve the issue is to create multiple designs of different size and integrate in the app.

Software Hardware Integration Problem :

Again android doesn’t follow the same rule everywhere. A particular button in a particular mobile has a particular function. It’s okay. But, the same button in a different mobile has different functionality. That’s embarrassing!
If you develop of low cost android app that relies upon buttons, we can assure that it will become flop. So, avoid use of buttons to operate your app.

Security Issue :

Lack of governance is a great issue in Android which makes it vulnerable to different malwares. Often it becomes very challenging even for the low cost android developers to roll out any bug fix through the app update process.
Always follow standard coding to avoid security issue. Many developers ignores it to keep the app simpler and lighter. Stay updated regarding the latest malwares and their type of attacks. If it takes time to solve an issue, declare the fact to make your user aware of it.