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How heavy is your website

Take The Ecommerce Website Design Issues By The Horns to Grab The Market

You never get a second chance to utilize a seasonal sales craze and make your customers fan of your ecommerce. Offering grand discount isn’t enough always. It’ll just suck up your profit and push you in a bottleneck situation.

Just kill the issues in your ecommerce website design; improve the overall performance; implement online marketing strategy and the flood of traffic will lead to your website. How? Here are some unbeatable ideas to make your ecommerce website design compelling.


There are giant companies in the market. Can we catch up with them?

We don’t say that your site will be in the top. These companies unbelievably huge amount just for branding as well as promotion and that’s why a major part of the customers can’t be distracted. But, relax! Still you’ll have thousands of customers who can come to your site. Isn’t that enough to fulfill your hunger?

Then what’s your suggestion regarding the What, How and When should I do?

Well, there’s no perfect time. Still, you should prepare before any peak season. Because that’s the perfect time to attract maximum potential customers. Our first tips are on this point.

You should focus on the designing issues first. Make it extremely intuitive and user friendly. Make it lightning first. Make it flawless. Use excellent validation of fields. Offer advanced search with lots of ‘filter’ options. You must contact your website designing company to fix these issues.

Then jump into marketing part and set the magnet in the perfect position. Know what your unique selling point is and utilize that as your weapon to head into the market. Remember, your first impression is highly important.

What type designing changes do I need?

website design

If required, you might need to re-develop your website. However, in most of the cases, it requires minor changes in the look and feel. Categorize all the products and let people find them using easy filter options, say, brand, price, popularity, latest etc.

Provide a quick description along with option to read in details. Place the buy, compare, add to wish-list buttons intuitively – not forcefully.

Simplify the sign up and check out option so that no customer gets confused. Remember, no one would pay until you can successfully win their trust. Validate every field properly, so that nobody feels the sign up of checkout process harassing.

Ask your web designing company to link different parts with related pages to make it easier jumping from one information to another.

Integrate powerful and extremely secure online payment gateway. Provide enough guideline to help your customers enter bank details without any hesitation.

Make your website completely mobile friendly, if not mobile website. You can also launch dedicated mobile apps for different mobile platforms. If your website contains several graphics, it might take long time to load in low-speed mobile networks. Ask your creative website designing company either to optimize or to hide those images in mobile version.

What about the marketing? Are you saying about the PPC campaign?

No. That’s just paid advertisements. The first three (or less) and the column in the right are paid advertisements. You might pay up to several dollars to get the top position if you have strong competitors. You’ll lose that amount every time someone clicks on those ads.

However, Internet is a great place, where systematic marketing can be free (almost free) and still the outcome can be vivid and long lasting. Rather, we would say, optimizing visibility of your website (organic SEO) costs less in internet than paid advertisements.

You can hire the top SEO companies in Kolkata for a long term optimization. It’s a slow but highly effective way. However, you can also partially continue the process by creating keyword rich, original and informative contents and publishing them in your blog page.

Of course, it’s just a supportive part that will attract Google to visit your site regularly. However, there are several other tasks that are also highly important to get the cherry on the cake. Sorry, you can’t do those without professional training. If you want advanced result, you have to contact the SEO companies to get the optimum result.

So, what next?

Now, when your bow is ready, just set the arrow, pull the string and wait for the perfect time to release the finger. Make the nearest special day to like Christmas, New Year etc. your target and launch a strategy driven offer. Make it viral through your social sites and your blog. You can also use the local free classifieds to amplify the effect.

What if still I don’t get enough customer?

Well, nothing is foolproof in the rapidly-changing virtual world. But, in such situation, we would say, it’s time to contact an expert. There must be some issue that you couldn’t spot out. Contact any of your local SEO companies and let them scan your website thoroughly and follow what they suggest.

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