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Success Tips for Programmers to Crack The Puzzle in Software Development Services

At the age of two when a baby learns its language, it’s hard to stop it talking. But, since they learn programming language, they become silent! Spend a day in a software development company and you’ll realize it.

We, the common people, see these software developers as the human beings lacking social skills and one of those most boring creatures under the sun.

But, the fact is that it’s a profile where one needs special qualities like extreme concentration, high vision, passion and of course good programming skills.

There are situations when a programmer finds himself trapped between trail of questions and he doesn’t know how to fix them. Even the experienced programmers feel helpless in such cases.

So, here we’ve some tips to crack these puzzles. Don’t forget to read the Quick Remedies to Top Challenges of Android Development as well.

Looking for a change isn’t the solution

Often we think that we aren’t getting enough support from our colleagues and plan for a change. But, are you confirm that your ‘would be’ colleagues will be enough helpful? Changing your company couldn’t be the solution. Here are some actual solutions for you.

Talk to others

Is it embarrassing? Will it hurt your ego? Might be. But, when you work in an organization, you must have to be ready to entertain new ideas. It’s very true that often we overlook a brilliant idea just because we become monotonous and can’t think out of the box. Transfer it to others and mostly you’ll return with a good suggestion – unexpectedly.

Don’t wait for the worst

Software Development Error

In many software development companies, I’ve noticed that developers often use new codes that creates problem when they have already crossed long way. The basic reason is excess dependency on readymade codes and tight deadline as well.

I understand that it’s not always possible to research on such codes. But, why don’t you collect and experiment with these codes on your free times — at office, if not at home? Especially when it’s a matter of your experience and expertise?

We strongly suggest our developers at Xentric Technologies not to use unknown codes just because an anonymous has suggested it in a forum. In bottleneck situations, we entertain discussing with the seniors regarding these uncommon codes before we proceed.

Go through the process end-to-end

You started at point A, continued to B and then C and then understood that A to D was a better and simpler choice. Why face such dilemma to go back to an earlier phase or start from zero and loss the man-hours?

In most of the software development services the developers hardly create any systematic process flow. They find solution on the go. It not only decreases the quality of work and consumes more time, but also creates several unwanted hurdles.

Rather invest half an hour and prepare a draft of the process flow of the complete project after a discussion with your team members. Whenever someone finds a need to change the flow inform others and take their suggestion. Read the Useful Handbook for Custom Software Development.

Distract yourself

Don’t worry, I’m not drunk! There are situation where you become puzzled. It’s good idea to distract yourself from the situation. Lock the computer, take a mug of coffee and go to the balcony. Join a group and crack a joke or two or just look at the rushing people in the busy street.

Am not joking that I often get great solutions at toilet! Don’t know if it will work for you; or if you get flash of the solutions while sleeping or shopping with your girlfriend.

What I want to say is to get rid of the monotonous though and let the brain make some space for new. It might not sound rational; but it works. I’ve friends working in different software development services who have used this trick and got mind blowing results.

Also, if you’ve recently finished a long and exhausting project, I would suggest you to take two or three day leave and go on a vacation with your loved one. Recharge your mind with fresh energy and jump on the next project.

Don’t be a typical programmer

Moving fingers staring and talking to the screen, listening a few seconds after someone called you, asking for pen, while it’s in your pocket and so on are some of the basic characteristics of a typical programmer. It’s because programming has sucked up you!

Back to the lively earth and be a human being again! Stand up and stretch your body; drink a glass of water; walk a few steps in the corridor; talk to others; make a call to your little baby. If you have a gymnasium or canteen or any refreshment room go there.

No, just for a few minutes in every one or two hour. It might seem wastage of man-hour for your management; but if you’re loyal to your job, I swear, they won’t stop you.

The basic reason is that, when you work in a software development company and stick to your seat for hours, your body becomes stressed and you feel pain in neck, shoulder, backbone and waist and often in the knees as well. It won’t allow you to work with full concentration and you’re productivity and quality will decrease.

Join discussions

Earlier we’ve discussed 6 Tips to Remain Creative & Provide Out-of-the-Box Web Design, where we’ve asked to join online forums to enrich your knowledge and get new and innovative ideas. You can also join the discussion with your seniors at the day end instead of rushing to the pub. Share if you’ve any other better suggestion.

Make Money from Android Apps

Jaw Dropping Tips to Make Money from Android Apps

“What smartphone do you use?” It has become a common question of today’s youths to know how updated you are. However, the actual lifeblood of these so called high-end mobiles is its apps.

The iPhone has always remained the Holy Grail for the limited-budget buyers. Android has used this opportunity to rule the market. You will get abundance of Free Android Apps in Google Play store of android and above all, everyone can find the best matching app here.

But, do they develop android apps just for fun? What is the purpose behind investing so much time, effort and money for distributing Free Android Apps? Well, (mostly) it’s not a charity. They have long term business plan.

What kind of business plans do they use?

It may vary from one to another. However, mostly they follow three basic strategies and both of these are highly successful.

1.  They develop android app and upload a Trial version in the Google Play Store. People use it and if feels it useful, they purchase the paid version.

2.  Often they upload the app and keep a few of the most attractive features blocked. The user needs to pay to unlock the features.

3.  The third option is to distribute the app without any charge. But, the user has to allow running some advertisements on the app pages. It might be bothering for some users and on that case, they always can upgrade the app to a paid version. Even if the user doesn’t upgrade, you can get a handsome amount from the advertisers.
Android Apps Development

What is the most profitable among these options?

It depends. All can be highly profitable in some certain kind of apps, like ‘Once Upon A Child’ or when you fulfill some certain criteria. Here are the most important points you must keep in mind:

•  Be sure before you plan to develop android app, it’s truly useful for most of your users. If it’s targeted to a particular category of people, no doubt, a major part of the users won’t download it.

•   Make it simple to use, engaging and above all bug free. Remember, one negative feedback will absorb several good feedbacks which can decrease the number of downloads drastically. So, overcome the Top Challenges of Android Development and make a really useful one.

•   If you want to get advertisements, the app must have to be popular. Make it viral in social sites and follow other promotional ways. I don’t think you need a paid promotion, if it’s a truly useful app/game.

•   Attach full details with the app while uploading the app to the Play-Store. You also should mention what kind of hardware will be required to use the app.

No matter, you are an android app development company, a website designing company, a business owner, or simply a freelance developer, you can follow these system to earn a good money. Try it and share your thoughts.

Android Development Services

Quick Remedies to Top Challenges of Android Development

When shopping malls have established their reputation in most of the cities and metros, e commerce sites have thrown challenge against them by providing easy home-shopping. Mobile apps have added salt to it by making the shopping as easy as a cup of tea.

As per survey report, every next shopping portal is contacting low cost android development companies to develop mobile apps for their site. It’s not just a craze; indeed, a necessity to grab the market rapidly.

But, if you look behind the scene, you’ll find that the developers (mostly less experienced ones) are not that much excited. Why? Ecommerce apps are highly complicated to develop as it needs to be highly efficient to attract, retrieve and retain customers. You can go through the Useful Handbook for Custom Software Development.

So, today we planned to highlight some of the most challenging parts of low cost android development to help the android developers. Just go through the points:

Multiple OS Versions :

Multiple OS Versions
Another irritating issue with low cost android development is its several OS releases. Of course it’s good for the users as they get something better every time; however, when it comes to app development, it’s just a headache.

You might suggest to focus on the most recent one; but how can you be sure that all the users have updated their phone? It becomes even more complex, when you buy a Smartphone on January 2011 that comes preinstalled with Android 2.1, while Android 2.2 had already been released in July 2010.
Make constant research on what version is most popular or widely adopted in most of the mobiles. Other possible way is to follow the oldest popular version that will run on most of the newer versions.

No Standard Screen Size :

It’s very frustrating (is it!) that Google still hasn’t standardized any common screen size or at list the ratio of screen resolution and that’s why it becomes very challenging to fit the app in mobiles with different screen sizes.
The only way to solve the issue is to create multiple designs of different size and integrate in the app.

Software Hardware Integration Problem :

Again android doesn’t follow the same rule everywhere. A particular button in a particular mobile has a particular function. It’s okay. But, the same button in a different mobile has different functionality. That’s embarrassing!
If you develop of low cost android app that relies upon buttons, we can assure that it will become flop. So, avoid use of buttons to operate your app.

Security Issue :

Lack of governance is a great issue in Android which makes it vulnerable to different malwares. Often it becomes very challenging even for the low cost android developers to roll out any bug fix through the app update process.
Always follow standard coding to avoid security issue. Many developers ignores it to keep the app simpler and lighter. Stay updated regarding the latest malwares and their type of attacks. If it takes time to solve an issue, declare the fact to make your user aware of it.

affordable web development services

Tips on Engaging Web Development to Master The Market

Website development isn’t just having compiling the art and technology – it’s understanding the psychology of the audience and getting control of their mind. The more you understand your audience, the more control you can get to retain them until conversion. It’s the skill of the affordable web development services that the websites developed by them are most successful among hundreds of competitor websites. Though we’ve discussed on this topic in previous blogs, keeping the demand in mind, let’s today know how you can make your website more engaging and powerful to increase the conversion ratio of your shopping portal.

Don’t make your audience confused

Dont make your audience confused

When you have several choices, you become confused in what to choose. Isn’t it? So, don’t confuse your audience. Give them minimum but potential choices. For example, if you are developing a shopping portal, and make places everywhere to jump to another product, certainly, a major part of your customers will continue jumping from one product to another and the chances of conversion will decrease. Rather, let them select a product and them lead them to the detailed page of the product where you will get better options to convert them.

Help your audience to decide

It’s even better to help your customers understand that they are choosing the right product. There are several ways for it. You can provide detailed information about the product; explain the pros and cons; compare the product with similar products; or can provide social help. Yes, that’s the most effective way! People like to follow other people – no matter how knowledgeable they are regarding the product. Most of the affordable web development services make place to leave your comment and rating to help others get confirmed. You can also read our blog on 6 tips to remain creative and out-of-the-box web design.

Create artificial scarcity to give your audience a hurry

create artificial scarcity

Things become much precious when you come to know that you may miss it in some time. Yes, as per marketing strategy it’s known as ‘artificial scarcity’. Tags like, ‘offer ends in…’, ‘2 items in stock…’ etc. make people hurry in placing their order. However, we never suggest foul marketing strategy and that can affect your reputation permanently. No creative web design services will suggest you following any cheap strategy like hidden cost etc.

Use interactive images more than texts

People don’t like to go through long texts and if you provide tons of information in the front face, it can fade up their interest. There are some people as well who don’t have good knowledge on a particular language (mostly English). So, it’s always best to use self-expressive images and icons to help them understand at a glance. Today most affordable web development services follow this rule of thumb to improve customer satisfaction.

Highlight the best deals

Shopping is a habit of some people and they often buy products just because ‘it’s on offer’. Same is applicable for ecommerce. So, highlight all the ‘best deals’ at the first screen. Though it’ll not increase your sales drastically; still you’ll get some customers. On the other hand, it also provokes people to visit the site again to see if ‘their product’ is on offer.

Make it simple and fast

Last but not the least! Cheaper web developers try to attract their customer through gimcrack images that are less insight driven and no need to say that it increases the page loading time drastically. So, it’s always important to optimize all the images of your website and keep it as light as possible. In addition, allow the affordable web development services enough time to make your site simpler and interactive.

Useful handbook for cutom software development

A Useful Handbook for Custom Software Development

The demand of custom software development has increased in last a few years. People has eventually understood the necessity of a tailor made software. but, still more than half of the business organizations either use a ready-made software, offline software or don’t use any software. Why? Because, they don’t have a clear idea on how to develop a custom software, how to select the best software development company, or what can be the approximate costing. Well, here is a guideline for such businesspersons to offer them a freedom from the ‘compromises’ they do to their business.

Why custom software?

It may seem very childish question to many; but, there’re people who actually don’t know the right reason. Ready made software are developed with the plan to ‘fit all size’ which actually doesn’t works. Every business organizations that use such ready-to-use software, in fact compromises with their business. In such scenario, a custom software can help you get the perfect solution that you were looking for. It will have every that feature and functionality that you ever wanted. All the software development company, that develops custom software suggests their clients to go for custom software; not because they have better profit, but because it will satisfy the customer more than the off-the-shelf one.

Outsourcing or local development?

It’s an old argument. Well, both have their own advantages. Both have several votes. However, if you contact any local software development company, you’ll surely have a better control over the development process and will get a better convenience to communicate with the team. Though many would say that, online method also have several easy communication systems, it generally lengthens the communication process and makes it difficult to clarify some complex matters.

Risc Factor of Custom Software Development


How to calculate the costing?

Well, there’s no fixed theory. The best way is to compare the price with the selected top software development companies. However, you must know that generally custom software development costs more than ready-made-software. However, if you focus on the benefit part, it’ll surely appear more budget-friendly than those of the ready made ones. Remember, the more features you’ll demand, the more cost you have to pay. So, don’t lengthen the project uselessly and focus on the major features only. You can add some more features later on as you become financially more strong.

Well, then how to start the software development?

Today it’s very for several customer focused software development company. Just note down the major requirements and visit any IT firm and they will guide you through the process. However, if you can provide most of the information, the chances that you’ll get the perfect software will increase. You must know that they are master of the technology and you are master of your business. Combining both will provide the best outcome.

What more should I keep in mind?

Yes, there are certain points that you never should overlook when you consult with your software vendor. Support is the most important among them. No matter how better software you develop, you must need an excellent quality support with round the clock availability. Apart from this, you need the scope to upgrade your software, no matter it’s MLM software India, or anything else. Remember, scalability of software ensures a long life of the software.