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SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization — The Perfect Service to Amplify Website Traffic & Boost Sales

The shops in the front row of a road get most of the customers. People hardly enter the lanes to find out more shops. Same rule works in web world! If your website isn’t in the first page, among the top results, visitors won’t make effort to find out you — no matter how better or cheaper product you sell. This is why people think of hiring a digital marketing service. Let’s learn about it in a simpler way.

Why Search Engine Never Gives Me A Better Rank!
No, there’s no unfair game! Search engine works on its own algorithm and treats every website equally. Actually it checks several aspects of a website; notes the important keywords and quality of information; and places it sequentially in the result page as per the accumulated data. If your website has issues it’ll naturally put you in those “lanes” — no mercy, no compromise.

Nobody Has Ever Reported an Issue In My Website!
Everyone invests their valuable money to get the most efficient website. Yes, your website also might be awesome with stunning graphics and informative content. But, several backend factors may upset or block the search engine and you can’t understand it until you have knowledge of coding. It’s not that your vendor cheated you; actually most of the web design company doesn’t vest enough effort on these parts to save their manpower.

So Do I Need to Contact The Vendor Again?
Yup, you may. But, it is better you hire a SEO Service and let them do a thorough On-Page optimization. It’s a process where they manipulate the back end codes following the search engine rules. Often they may even make changes in the layout of the website if it’s not appropriate to attract, retrieve or convert visitors. Once the on-page issues are fixed, they will proceed to off-page optimization.

Now, What Is This Off-Page Optimization?

The more people will refer you to a shop, the more trust you’ll gain on it — as simple as that. Through off-page optimization, an SEO service providing company creates a solid informative base and when visitors come to read those contents, it simply refers them to your site. That’s how it actually works. But, the main concern is that all your contents need to be developed following Google guideline as well as engaging, creative and informative.

How Many Days It Would Take to Optimize Fully?
It depends upon the keyword’s current status and competition primarily. However, in general it takes more or less 3 months to bring your website in the first page. It may sound too long for a novice — but there are keywords that may take even one year to get optimized. The good news is that, digital marketing costs too low compared to its outcome. It’s definitely a slow process, but it worth waiting.

But, I’ve Heard, PPC Can Give Faster Result
Yes, definitely. PPC campaign can show you instant result and it’s also very effective. But, why would you buy traffic, when you can earn it organically? PPC Campaign is useful when you want to grab a seasonal market and you don’t have time to wait for organic optimization.

I’m Non-Technical – How Do I Track Their Work?

Don’t worry! A reputed digital marketing company won’t misguide you. They will provide you weekly or monthly statistics on the current status of your keywords as well as progress. The report may also include info regarding number of posted contents, traffic, bounce rate etc. and you can crosscheck the vital ones.

So, if you want huge traffic, you need to be visible to your customers. Contact any digital marketing company in Kolkata and let them find and fix the issues and enjoy happy time in your business. And don’t forget to share your experience with us.