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SEO Service

Search Engine Optimization — The Perfect Service to Amplify Website Traffic & Boost Sales

The shops in the front row of a road get most of the customers. People hardly enter the lanes to find out more shops. Same rule works in web world! If your website isn’t in the first page, among the top results, visitors won’t make effort to find out you — no matter how better or cheaper product you sell. This is why people think of hiring a digital marketing service. Let’s learn about it in a simpler way.

Why Search Engine Never Gives Me A Better Rank!
No, there’s no unfair game! Search engine works on its own algorithm and treats every website equally. Actually it checks several aspects of a website; notes the important keywords and quality of information; and places it sequentially in the result page as per the accumulated data. If your website has issues it’ll naturally put you in those “lanes” — no mercy, no compromise.

Nobody Has Ever Reported an Issue In My Website!
Everyone invests their valuable money to get the most efficient website. Yes, your website also might be awesome with stunning graphics and informative content. But, several backend factors may upset or block the search engine and you can’t understand it until you have knowledge of coding. It’s not that your vendor cheated you; actually most of the web design company doesn’t vest enough effort on these parts to save their manpower.

So Do I Need to Contact The Vendor Again?
Yup, you may. But, it is better you hire a SEO Service and let them do a thorough On-Page optimization. It’s a process where they manipulate the back end codes following the search engine rules. Often they may even make changes in the layout of the website if it’s not appropriate to attract, retrieve or convert visitors. Once the on-page issues are fixed, they will proceed to off-page optimization.

Now, What Is This Off-Page Optimization?

The more people will refer you to a shop, the more trust you’ll gain on it — as simple as that. Through off-page optimization, an SEO service providing company creates a solid informative base and when visitors come to read those contents, it simply refers them to your site. That’s how it actually works. But, the main concern is that all your contents need to be developed following Google guideline as well as engaging, creative and informative.

How Many Days It Would Take to Optimize Fully?
It depends upon the keyword’s current status and competition primarily. However, in general it takes more or less 3 months to bring your website in the first page. It may sound too long for a novice — but there are keywords that may take even one year to get optimized. The good news is that, digital marketing costs too low compared to its outcome. It’s definitely a slow process, but it worth waiting.

But, I’ve Heard, PPC Can Give Faster Result
Yes, definitely. PPC campaign can show you instant result and it’s also very effective. But, why would you buy traffic, when you can earn it organically? PPC Campaign is useful when you want to grab a seasonal market and you don’t have time to wait for organic optimization.

I’m Non-Technical – How Do I Track Their Work?

Don’t worry! A reputed digital marketing company won’t misguide you. They will provide you weekly or monthly statistics on the current status of your keywords as well as progress. The report may also include info regarding number of posted contents, traffic, bounce rate etc. and you can crosscheck the vital ones.

So, if you want huge traffic, you need to be visible to your customers. Contact any digital marketing company in Kolkata and let them find and fix the issues and enjoy happy time in your business. And don’t forget to share your experience with us.

ecommerce website development

Starter’s Guide to Launch Ecommerce Website Online with Faster ROI

When did you last go to any shopping mall? If you are a working person, probably you have to think a lot, because today we don’t have much time for such ‘luxuries’. If I enquire a bit more, there’s a good chance that you will say that you prefer to buy online.

It’s very true that within last a few years, queries for ecommerce website development has increased unbelievably; and of course the reason is the boom in the number of online buyers. Though there’s still a huge gap in the number of online and offline shoppers, it’s not ignorable anyhow.

So, It Can Be A Good Business Opportunity
Yes! Every day offline sellers contact ecommerce website development companies in Kolkata to start their online business. But, when they plan to upgrade themselves, they become puzzled between so many technical terms and eventually end up with a petty worthless online shopping site and within a few months they realize that the whole idea is super-flop.

Yes, The Grapes Are Sour
Aw, it’s not that your ‘idea’ was wrong; but your tool wasn’t perfect to fight with those giant companies. Just like you add shelf & showcase, arrange products, employ sales person etc. in your shop, you need to implement those functions through creative website development technology.

Then What Should I Do?
Just remember, your weapon itself needs to be enough efficient, intelligent and powerful to retain your customers and increase the chances of conversion. How’s that possible? Here we have discussed it in detail in this article.

First Thing First
Of course we aren’t going to discuss about ‘demand and supply’ type of theory. We believe you know that better than us. First you decide if you want an ecommerce website, an app or both? All have some advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a brief:

Advantages of Website
Target wide range of customer types
Customers can reach through organic search
Easy to Increase Leads through AdWords Campaign
Provide more information through a single screen
Easy to implement compelling features
Easy to operate for aged and less savvy users

Advantages of App
Can easily target smartphone users
Easy to create more dedicated customers
Simple to feed offers through Push Notification
Can be used on-the-go and thus can expect more involvement
Simple to offer location-centric offers

So, What Should I Go For?
Thumb of rule, “The more you invest, the better ROI you’ll get”. But, in our opinion, one must not bypass the ecommerce website development. You always get the chance to escalate your sales by clubbing your website with a mobile app. But, first concentrate on the vast web market.

Okay! I Know A Few Low Cost Website Vendors
Argh! When you are planning to develop shopping site, ‘price’ should be the last question you ask to your vendor. You just focus on the features and functionalities. Two similar type of online shopping portal may differ vastly in backend functionalities and of course it’s ultimate power. And as your hard-earned money will be invested, you never should say, “I don’t understand these; do what is good”.

It’s Fact That I’m Non-Technical
We know. If you were a technical person, you wouldn’t have continue reading this article till now. So, first you research some good ecommerce website design and note the features that you love and that you need. Remember some ‘lovely’ features may multiply your cost. And, experts are always there to rectify your mistakes.

Now provide the list of requirements (known as SRS – Software Requirement Specification) to your vendor and ask for their suggestion. If they add or deduct any from your list, ask for clarification. You just need to understand the front-end effect from them – not the complex backend functionalities.

What Technology Is Best for Me?
If you don’t understand technology well, don’t force your vendor to follow your choice just because ‘that’ site is developed on this technology. Your shopping site development company would suggest you the most suitable and cheaper option for you.

Generally, Magento and WooCommerce are popularly used as dedicated ecommerce website development technologies. However, some company may deliver you a better website on ASP.Net or Custom PHP or something else. Better, you let the experts do their job their way.

How Much Budget Is Enough for A Startup Business?
It depends on how complex and vast are your functionalities. Or in simple word, the more appealing and powerful you want to make your site, the more you need to invest. And there might be huge difference between the minimum and maximum amount.

Well, Then What Will Be My Steps to Start?
Simply, do research; create a draft of design layout and functionalities; contact the best ecommerce website development company; discuss your idea; and assign the project. Also, we would recommend to opt for a short digital marketing service, once your site is live to promote your website among the crowd. All the best.

MLM Software

A ‘Never Before’ Research on MLM Software to Bombard You with New Joinings

Running an MLM company? Need a fast growth? Here are two tips for you – choose what you prefer.

a) Find peoples with excellent communication skill, convincing skill, high need of money, educated, smart and handsome and then train them with all the intricacies of the business mathematics. Is it next to impossible? Try the second one.

b) Purchase an MLM software and let your members get addicted to it.

You might like to know the Secrets to Keep The Market of Your Business Bullish Round The Year.

A Software can’t replace the members

Of course, your target will still be the peoples. But, if you start filtering people to keep the chain active, you’ll end up rejecting the most. An MLM software will help you in such a situation by covering the drawbacks of your human-members.

What drawbacks can the software take control of?

Well, when you work in a network marketing business, you find versatile types of people with different quality and different drawbacks. It’s not possible to uplift their skill and set them as a member. To survive, you must have to welcome all.

In such situation, count them just as heads and equip them with a comprehensive and self-expressive MLM Software. Here is a list of primary advantages of an online MLM software:

    • Can demonstrate the business plan effectively. So, no matter your member is shy or don’t have enough skill to train others, still he can carry forward the business plan to others.

    • Can show a clear picture of the tree-view system. It’s very irritating for most of the low-educated members to explain the growth system of the chain. Mostly they ends up confusing the person ahead and force them to buy the membership. That’s another reason that people run away from network marketing distributors.

    • Can give you a transparent view of the commission system of the plan. Everyone joins network marketing to earn. Until they understand, what they are going to earn, they won’t invest their time or money.

      I don’t know, if 50% of the members of any such business can make it clear to you, except showing you some examples of the ‘current’ achievers. Honestly, I’m not going to join you just for these examples.

    • Can simplify the joining process. To become a distributor/member, everyone needs to fill up exhaustive forms. In offline process, legibility, spelling mistake, overwriting and so on are very frustrating. If you ignore these issues, it may affect your reputation in the long term.

      Incomplete document is another issue in offline chain marketing system. God knows how many members face trouble getting their commission just because of incomplete document.

      An MLM software can solve these issues very easily. You are always free to edit the details before submitting it. The fields are also intelligently validated to avoid unwanted mistakes. To ensure full documentation, our software has advanced system of reminder.

Improve Communication in MLM

  • Can improve communication. Not all members are enough active to visit their downline members regularly and keep them motivated. It reduces the pace of growth of the chain.

    But, if you have an online MLM software, it will communicate with the members time to time through SMS or mail. The members will also feel honored for these communication and will remain updated regarding the offers, announces, meetings, seminars and important notices.

  • Can retain the reputation of the company. You can’t be rigid to recruit reputed persons as distributor. As the distributors are the face of your company, it may be hard for people to trust such distributors. But, when s/he is just a carrier of the information of the MLM software, it surely attract people. You don’t have to work hard that make them believe that they won’t be cheated.

  • Can improve involvement and make addicted to the business. Apart from the young generation, most people (especially, housewives, pension holders, job holders etc.) don’t like to roam around just to earn ‘a few bucks’. Mostly they join but go in hibernation just because it doesn’t sound ‘elegant job’ for them.

    No problem. If you have an MLM software, they can now stay active day in and day out through the Internet. They can now work actively from anywhere, any device at any time as per their convenience.

  • Can reduce overall time, effort and cost. Unlike offline marketing, you don’t have to recruit multiple persons for accounts, documentation and other official tasks. The MLM software will do it effortlessly, accurately in time. Now, you don’t have to update a data multiple times in multiple papers; anyone, anywhere updated it, means it’s updated globally.

  • Can give you a complete view of the business. Don’t wait for your distributors to submit their documents (and then come to know that ‘he’ is ill, ‘she’ is busy, ‘they’ are out of locality and other excuses). Just click on any department and hit the Report button. You’ll get full graphical report of complex data in a simple and easy-to-understand layout.

  • Can save huge costing of setting up a physical office. As your business will spread through web, you don’t need to invest a lot in the physical office. How to create an SEO friendly and appealing website? Know how Your Website Design Will Return Your Investment without investing huge.

  • Can promote your business without the help of any member. Well, last but not least; your MLM website can promote your business online. You can add feathers to it by hiring a professional SEO service Kolkata.

I don’t think you have ever thought this way. If you have anything else to say, just feel free to leave a comment.

Custom Software Development

Success Tips for Programmers to Crack The Puzzle in Software Development Services

At the age of two when a baby learns its language, it’s hard to stop it talking. But, since they learn programming language, they become silent! Spend a day in a software development company and you’ll realize it.

We, the common people, see these software developers as the human beings lacking social skills and one of those most boring creatures under the sun.

But, the fact is that it’s a profile where one needs special qualities like extreme concentration, high vision, passion and of course good programming skills.

There are situations when a programmer finds himself trapped between trail of questions and he doesn’t know how to fix them. Even the experienced programmers feel helpless in such cases.

So, here we’ve some tips to crack these puzzles. Don’t forget to read the Quick Remedies to Top Challenges of Android Development as well.

Looking for a change isn’t the solution

Often we think that we aren’t getting enough support from our colleagues and plan for a change. But, are you confirm that your ‘would be’ colleagues will be enough helpful? Changing your company couldn’t be the solution. Here are some actual solutions for you.

Talk to others

Is it embarrassing? Will it hurt your ego? Might be. But, when you work in an organization, you must have to be ready to entertain new ideas. It’s very true that often we overlook a brilliant idea just because we become monotonous and can’t think out of the box. Transfer it to others and mostly you’ll return with a good suggestion – unexpectedly.

Don’t wait for the worst

Software Development Error

In many software development companies, I’ve noticed that developers often use new codes that creates problem when they have already crossed long way. The basic reason is excess dependency on readymade codes and tight deadline as well.

I understand that it’s not always possible to research on such codes. But, why don’t you collect and experiment with these codes on your free times — at office, if not at home? Especially when it’s a matter of your experience and expertise?

We strongly suggest our developers at Xentric Technologies not to use unknown codes just because an anonymous has suggested it in a forum. In bottleneck situations, we entertain discussing with the seniors regarding these uncommon codes before we proceed.

Go through the process end-to-end

You started at point A, continued to B and then C and then understood that A to D was a better and simpler choice. Why face such dilemma to go back to an earlier phase or start from zero and loss the man-hours?

In most of the software development services the developers hardly create any systematic process flow. They find solution on the go. It not only decreases the quality of work and consumes more time, but also creates several unwanted hurdles.

Rather invest half an hour and prepare a draft of the process flow of the complete project after a discussion with your team members. Whenever someone finds a need to change the flow inform others and take their suggestion. Read the Useful Handbook for Custom Software Development.

Distract yourself

Don’t worry, I’m not drunk! There are situation where you become puzzled. It’s good idea to distract yourself from the situation. Lock the computer, take a mug of coffee and go to the balcony. Join a group and crack a joke or two or just look at the rushing people in the busy street.

Am not joking that I often get great solutions at toilet! Don’t know if it will work for you; or if you get flash of the solutions while sleeping or shopping with your girlfriend.

What I want to say is to get rid of the monotonous though and let the brain make some space for new. It might not sound rational; but it works. I’ve friends working in different software development services who have used this trick and got mind blowing results.

Also, if you’ve recently finished a long and exhausting project, I would suggest you to take two or three day leave and go on a vacation with your loved one. Recharge your mind with fresh energy and jump on the next project.

Don’t be a typical programmer

Moving fingers staring and talking to the screen, listening a few seconds after someone called you, asking for pen, while it’s in your pocket and so on are some of the basic characteristics of a typical programmer. It’s because programming has sucked up you!

Back to the lively earth and be a human being again! Stand up and stretch your body; drink a glass of water; walk a few steps in the corridor; talk to others; make a call to your little baby. If you have a gymnasium or canteen or any refreshment room go there.

No, just for a few minutes in every one or two hour. It might seem wastage of man-hour for your management; but if you’re loyal to your job, I swear, they won’t stop you.

The basic reason is that, when you work in a software development company and stick to your seat for hours, your body becomes stressed and you feel pain in neck, shoulder, backbone and waist and often in the knees as well. It won’t allow you to work with full concentration and you’re productivity and quality will decrease.

Join discussions

Earlier we’ve discussed 6 Tips to Remain Creative & Provide Out-of-the-Box Web Design, where we’ve asked to join online forums to enrich your knowledge and get new and innovative ideas. You can also join the discussion with your seniors at the day end instead of rushing to the pub. Share if you’ve any other better suggestion.

How heavy is your website

Take The Ecommerce Website Design Issues By The Horns to Grab The Market

You never get a second chance to utilize a seasonal sales craze and make your customers fan of your ecommerce. Offering grand discount isn’t enough always. It’ll just suck up your profit and push you in a bottleneck situation.

Just kill the issues in your ecommerce website design; improve the overall performance; implement online marketing strategy and the flood of traffic will lead to your website. How? Here are some unbeatable ideas to make your ecommerce website design compelling.


There are giant companies in the market. Can we catch up with them?

We don’t say that your site will be in the top. These companies unbelievably huge amount just for branding as well as promotion and that’s why a major part of the customers can’t be distracted. But, relax! Still you’ll have thousands of customers who can come to your site. Isn’t that enough to fulfill your hunger?

Then what’s your suggestion regarding the What, How and When should I do?

Well, there’s no perfect time. Still, you should prepare before any peak season. Because that’s the perfect time to attract maximum potential customers. Our first tips are on this point.

You should focus on the designing issues first. Make it extremely intuitive and user friendly. Make it lightning first. Make it flawless. Use excellent validation of fields. Offer advanced search with lots of ‘filter’ options. You must contact your website designing company to fix these issues.

Then jump into marketing part and set the magnet in the perfect position. Know what your unique selling point is and utilize that as your weapon to head into the market. Remember, your first impression is highly important.

What type designing changes do I need?

website design

If required, you might need to re-develop your website. However, in most of the cases, it requires minor changes in the look and feel. Categorize all the products and let people find them using easy filter options, say, brand, price, popularity, latest etc.

Provide a quick description along with option to read in details. Place the buy, compare, add to wish-list buttons intuitively – not forcefully.

Simplify the sign up and check out option so that no customer gets confused. Remember, no one would pay until you can successfully win their trust. Validate every field properly, so that nobody feels the sign up of checkout process harassing.

Ask your web designing company to link different parts with related pages to make it easier jumping from one information to another.

Integrate powerful and extremely secure online payment gateway. Provide enough guideline to help your customers enter bank details without any hesitation.

Make your website completely mobile friendly, if not mobile website. You can also launch dedicated mobile apps for different mobile platforms. If your website contains several graphics, it might take long time to load in low-speed mobile networks. Ask your creative website designing company either to optimize or to hide those images in mobile version.

What about the marketing? Are you saying about the PPC campaign?

No. That’s just paid advertisements. The first three (or less) and the column in the right are paid advertisements. You might pay up to several dollars to get the top position if you have strong competitors. You’ll lose that amount every time someone clicks on those ads.

However, Internet is a great place, where systematic marketing can be free (almost free) and still the outcome can be vivid and long lasting. Rather, we would say, optimizing visibility of your website (organic SEO) costs less in internet than paid advertisements.

You can hire the top SEO companies in Kolkata for a long term optimization. It’s a slow but highly effective way. However, you can also partially continue the process by creating keyword rich, original and informative contents and publishing them in your blog page.

Of course, it’s just a supportive part that will attract Google to visit your site regularly. However, there are several other tasks that are also highly important to get the cherry on the cake. Sorry, you can’t do those without professional training. If you want advanced result, you have to contact the SEO companies to get the optimum result.

So, what next?

Now, when your bow is ready, just set the arrow, pull the string and wait for the perfect time to release the finger. Make the nearest special day to like Christmas, New Year etc. your target and launch a strategy driven offer. Make it viral through your social sites and your blog. You can also use the local free classifieds to amplify the effect.

What if still I don’t get enough customer?

Well, nothing is foolproof in the rapidly-changing virtual world. But, in such situation, we would say, it’s time to contact an expert. There must be some issue that you couldn’t spot out. Contact any of your local SEO companies and let them scan your website thoroughly and follow what they suggest.

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No More Nightmares! Tips on SEO Services to Increase Visibility without Pro Help

Google has set the Pigeon free! Almost five months passed since July 2014 and several websites got a hike in rank for free; whereas some fell on their knees.
Yes, Pigeon is the latest algorithm launched by Google this July and is dedicated to provide the Google-users more location-centric results. Don’t panic; its intention isn’t actually harmful. You don’t need to hire any SEO services to tackle this innocent bird.

However, after the release of Pigeon, many local businesses noticed random change on their website rank – some reached the first page and some lost their visibility from the SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

There are four musketeers of Google. How to deal with them?

Simply, make your site enough informative. Content gets the most priority in SEO. Create quality back-links and try to make your site more and more user friendly. Remember, Google loves, what your users love. And that’s the rule of thumb, in other words, said by Google.

What about Pigeon, the tech-bird?

You don’t have to do a lot of hard work to get your position back. Just slice the keywords as per location. Now onwards you shouldn’t use keywords focusing broad area like “best SEO company India”; rather divide it in multiply city-centric keywords like, “SEO company Kolkata”, “SEO company Mumbai” and so on.

Of course, it’ll consume more effort and time. You also will need to publish more informative contents to avoid keyword stuffing. And thus your overall manpower investment will increase. But, at last we can’t ignore the visitor satisfaction. Isn’t it?

However, to provide you a better guidance here we’re providing a list of effective tips for you.

Make your site catchy

Make your website catchy

Don’t fall in love with your website design, just because it’s yours. Hate it and you’ll find out the flaws. Rectify those and you’ll get an attractive website at the end. It’ll automatically attract visitors, no matter how worthless it is actually.

It doesn’t mean visitors are bullshits. Be honest to help them.

Fill your website with as much information as you can or as it requires. Organize the information slab by slab to make it easier to find out. Create multiple sections or pages with dedicated type of information. Put useful links as well as graphics/images to clarify a point.

Don’t overload your website.

Using graphics and images is good to make a website attractive and easily comprehendible. But, too much images will increase the page loading-time. Best SEO services Kolkata suggests optimizing the images. It simply means decreasing the image size using some tools. Read Unbeatable Ideas to Make Your Ecommerce Website Design Compelling for further information.

Errors and bugs are enough to spoil your hard work. Wipe out all.

Here you need help of a profession SEO service provider (we are sorry for the inappropriate title). They will find out every error and fix them one by one. Popularly known as On-Page SEO. It’s important. Remember which makes your visitors unhappy, also makes Google unhappy. Why? Google wants keeping their visitors happy.

Social sites aren’t just for time pass. Utilize them professionally.

Popularity attracts Google. And the shortest way to gain popularity is involving visitors through social sites. You can Google a bit or contact the best SEO Company Kolkata for the same. However, it doesn’t require enough knowledge, if you’ve the basic idea.

So, what is the conclusion?

What we learned from this article is, remain honest and follow the standard SEO rules and you never have to worry about Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird or Pigeon.

Best Website Design Services blg img

Now Your Website Design Will Return Your Investment – Know How

‘Internet opens a new horizon of opportunities!’ It sounds much encouraging; but not actually that much crispy. It’s not that you launched your website and from the next day you’ll be flooded by customers.

Then why do people and even the cyber Gurus say so? Well, they aren’t wrong indeed. You just need to improve your knowledge on online market.
It’s not easy to earn a penny without knowing the market strategy of internet world. Of course, you always have option to invest huge to get the desired result without indulging in the technical matter. You might be interested in the Jaw Dropping Tips to Make Money from android apps that we already have discussed.

Anyway, if you already have developed a creative website design, don’t worry – we’re here to guide you to create the true win-win situation. First, read the questions mentioned below and collect the answers – preferably from the creative website design vendor.

  • Is your website enough appealing and engaging?
  • Is it easy to navigate from one section/page to another?
  • Does your site provide sufficient information?
  • Is it well equipped to establish communication between you and your customer?
  • Is the site fully bug-free?
  • Has it been developed following the standard SEO rules?
  • Can people find you in Google?

No, don’t be scared; you aren’t alone in this world. Most of the website owners aren’t well savvy regarding web matters. They know these bit by bit as they face trouble getting traffic or the desired result. But, here are we’ve.

I can’t invest much time. Is there any shortcut?

Time values money

Wait, you don’t need to go through any intense course. Just, check whether your site is highly attractive for your targeted audience or not. You can do it yourself by reading 6 Tips to Remain Creative & Provide Out-of-the-Box Web Design. You don’t need any specialist for that.

Generally, it’s your job to educate your creative website design service providers regarding the taste and knowledge of the targeted audience so that they can provide you the best design in the first attempt.

Everybody knows how to navigate. Is it much important to waste time in it?

It’s not just jumping from one page to another. A creative website design will provide you a design as per audience psychology. A visitor will find everything at their hand and still the site will not become clumsy. You don’t have to research to find out a link or function (like buy button, details etc.).

Do people read pages of information? Is it really useful?

Well, it’s true that not all the people read. But, you must have to ready to provide information when someone is finding for it. At the same time, it’s highly valuable for SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

I’ve added a Contact Form. What more should I do?

That’s not enough always. You should provide the physical address, email ID and phone numbers to help them communicate through their convenient channel. At the same time, it also helps increasing the trustworthiness. You can also add live chat option, if your business requires such time of instant communication.

I’ve never found any bug! Then it must be bug-free.

It’s not right. Only a thorough scan can find out if there is any bug in your site. You need to contact a creative website design service for it. It will not only decrease your reputation, but the rank of your website in the search engine. So, fix it as soon as possible.

They said that my URLs are SEO friendly. Anything more?

Most of the website vendors use this SEO friendly term to pick clients. But, actually they hardly follow all the standard SEO rules apart from making SEO friendly URLs. You need to contact a reputed IT company to find and fix the on-page SEO issues. It may take a few bucks. But the outcome is really huge.

Why it’s important when they know my website URL?

Absolutely wrong! They must find out your website when they enter a term (keyword in technical term) related to your service or product. It’s in fact a part of SEO and you have to contact an SEO expert for it. However, if your site is enough informative and on-page issues are fixed, it should appear in the SERP (search engine result page).

Make Money from Android Apps

Jaw Dropping Tips to Make Money from Android Apps

“What smartphone do you use?” It has become a common question of today’s youths to know how updated you are. However, the actual lifeblood of these so called high-end mobiles is its apps.

The iPhone has always remained the Holy Grail for the limited-budget buyers. Android has used this opportunity to rule the market. You will get abundance of Free Android Apps in Google Play store of android and above all, everyone can find the best matching app here.

But, do they develop android apps just for fun? What is the purpose behind investing so much time, effort and money for distributing Free Android Apps? Well, (mostly) it’s not a charity. They have long term business plan.

What kind of business plans do they use?

It may vary from one to another. However, mostly they follow three basic strategies and both of these are highly successful.

1.  They develop android app and upload a Trial version in the Google Play Store. People use it and if feels it useful, they purchase the paid version.

2.  Often they upload the app and keep a few of the most attractive features blocked. The user needs to pay to unlock the features.

3.  The third option is to distribute the app without any charge. But, the user has to allow running some advertisements on the app pages. It might be bothering for some users and on that case, they always can upgrade the app to a paid version. Even if the user doesn’t upgrade, you can get a handsome amount from the advertisers.
Android Apps Development

What is the most profitable among these options?

It depends. All can be highly profitable in some certain kind of apps, like ‘Once Upon A Child’ or when you fulfill some certain criteria. Here are the most important points you must keep in mind:

•  Be sure before you plan to develop android app, it’s truly useful for most of your users. If it’s targeted to a particular category of people, no doubt, a major part of the users won’t download it.

•   Make it simple to use, engaging and above all bug free. Remember, one negative feedback will absorb several good feedbacks which can decrease the number of downloads drastically. So, overcome the Top Challenges of Android Development and make a really useful one.

•   If you want to get advertisements, the app must have to be popular. Make it viral in social sites and follow other promotional ways. I don’t think you need a paid promotion, if it’s a truly useful app/game.

•   Attach full details with the app while uploading the app to the Play-Store. You also should mention what kind of hardware will be required to use the app.

No matter, you are an android app development company, a website designing company, a business owner, or simply a freelance developer, you can follow these system to earn a good money. Try it and share your thoughts.

Android Development Services

Quick Remedies to Top Challenges of Android Development

When shopping malls have established their reputation in most of the cities and metros, e commerce sites have thrown challenge against them by providing easy home-shopping. Mobile apps have added salt to it by making the shopping as easy as a cup of tea.

As per survey report, every next shopping portal is contacting low cost android development companies to develop mobile apps for their site. It’s not just a craze; indeed, a necessity to grab the market rapidly.

But, if you look behind the scene, you’ll find that the developers (mostly less experienced ones) are not that much excited. Why? Ecommerce apps are highly complicated to develop as it needs to be highly efficient to attract, retrieve and retain customers. You can go through the Useful Handbook for Custom Software Development.

So, today we planned to highlight some of the most challenging parts of low cost android development to help the android developers. Just go through the points:

Multiple OS Versions :

Multiple OS Versions
Another irritating issue with low cost android development is its several OS releases. Of course it’s good for the users as they get something better every time; however, when it comes to app development, it’s just a headache.

You might suggest to focus on the most recent one; but how can you be sure that all the users have updated their phone? It becomes even more complex, when you buy a Smartphone on January 2011 that comes preinstalled with Android 2.1, while Android 2.2 had already been released in July 2010.
Make constant research on what version is most popular or widely adopted in most of the mobiles. Other possible way is to follow the oldest popular version that will run on most of the newer versions.

No Standard Screen Size :

It’s very frustrating (is it!) that Google still hasn’t standardized any common screen size or at list the ratio of screen resolution and that’s why it becomes very challenging to fit the app in mobiles with different screen sizes.
The only way to solve the issue is to create multiple designs of different size and integrate in the app.

Software Hardware Integration Problem :

Again android doesn’t follow the same rule everywhere. A particular button in a particular mobile has a particular function. It’s okay. But, the same button in a different mobile has different functionality. That’s embarrassing!
If you develop of low cost android app that relies upon buttons, we can assure that it will become flop. So, avoid use of buttons to operate your app.

Security Issue :

Lack of governance is a great issue in Android which makes it vulnerable to different malwares. Often it becomes very challenging even for the low cost android developers to roll out any bug fix through the app update process.
Always follow standard coding to avoid security issue. Many developers ignores it to keep the app simpler and lighter. Stay updated regarding the latest malwares and their type of attacks. If it takes time to solve an issue, declare the fact to make your user aware of it.