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MLM Software

A ‘Never Before’ Research on MLM Software to Bombard You with New Joinings

Running an MLM company? Need a fast growth? Here are two tips for you – choose what you prefer.

a) Find peoples with excellent communication skill, convincing skill, high need of money, educated, smart and handsome and then train them with all the intricacies of the business mathematics. Is it next to impossible? Try the second one.

b) Purchase an MLM software and let your members get addicted to it.

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A Software can’t replace the members

Of course, your target will still be the peoples. But, if you start filtering people to keep the chain active, you’ll end up rejecting the most. An MLM software will help you in such a situation by covering the drawbacks of your human-members.

What drawbacks can the software take control of?

Well, when you work in a network marketing business, you find versatile types of people with different quality and different drawbacks. It’s not possible to uplift their skill and set them as a member. To survive, you must have to welcome all.

In such situation, count them just as heads and equip them with a comprehensive and self-expressive MLM Software. Here is a list of primary advantages of an online MLM software:

    • Can demonstrate the business plan effectively. So, no matter your member is shy or don’t have enough skill to train others, still he can carry forward the business plan to others.

    • Can show a clear picture of the tree-view system. It’s very irritating for most of the low-educated members to explain the growth system of the chain. Mostly they ends up confusing the person ahead and force them to buy the membership. That’s another reason that people run away from network marketing distributors.

    • Can give you a transparent view of the commission system of the plan. Everyone joins network marketing to earn. Until they understand, what they are going to earn, they won’t invest their time or money.

      I don’t know, if 50% of the members of any such business can make it clear to you, except showing you some examples of the ‘current’ achievers. Honestly, I’m not going to join you just for these examples.

    • Can simplify the joining process. To become a distributor/member, everyone needs to fill up exhaustive forms. In offline process, legibility, spelling mistake, overwriting and so on are very frustrating. If you ignore these issues, it may affect your reputation in the long term.

      Incomplete document is another issue in offline chain marketing system. God knows how many members face trouble getting their commission just because of incomplete document.

      An MLM software can solve these issues very easily. You are always free to edit the details before submitting it. The fields are also intelligently validated to avoid unwanted mistakes. To ensure full documentation, our software has advanced system of reminder.

Improve Communication in MLM

  • Can improve communication. Not all members are enough active to visit their downline members regularly and keep them motivated. It reduces the pace of growth of the chain.

    But, if you have an online MLM software, it will communicate with the members time to time through SMS or mail. The members will also feel honored for these communication and will remain updated regarding the offers, announces, meetings, seminars and important notices.

  • Can retain the reputation of the company. You can’t be rigid to recruit reputed persons as distributor. As the distributors are the face of your company, it may be hard for people to trust such distributors. But, when s/he is just a carrier of the information of the MLM software, it surely attract people. You don’t have to work hard that make them believe that they won’t be cheated.

  • Can improve involvement and make addicted to the business. Apart from the young generation, most people (especially, housewives, pension holders, job holders etc.) don’t like to roam around just to earn ‘a few bucks’. Mostly they join but go in hibernation just because it doesn’t sound ‘elegant job’ for them.

    No problem. If you have an MLM software, they can now stay active day in and day out through the Internet. They can now work actively from anywhere, any device at any time as per their convenience.

  • Can reduce overall time, effort and cost. Unlike offline marketing, you don’t have to recruit multiple persons for accounts, documentation and other official tasks. The MLM software will do it effortlessly, accurately in time. Now, you don’t have to update a data multiple times in multiple papers; anyone, anywhere updated it, means it’s updated globally.

  • Can give you a complete view of the business. Don’t wait for your distributors to submit their documents (and then come to know that ‘he’ is ill, ‘she’ is busy, ‘they’ are out of locality and other excuses). Just click on any department and hit the Report button. You’ll get full graphical report of complex data in a simple and easy-to-understand layout.

  • Can save huge costing of setting up a physical office. As your business will spread through web, you don’t need to invest a lot in the physical office. How to create an SEO friendly and appealing website? Know how Your Website Design Will Return Your Investment without investing huge.

  • Can promote your business without the help of any member. Well, last but not least; your MLM website can promote your business online. You can add feathers to it by hiring a professional SEO service Kolkata.

I don’t think you have ever thought this way. If you have anything else to say, just feel free to leave a comment.

Custom Software Development

Success Tips for Programmers to Crack The Puzzle in Software Development Services

At the age of two when a baby learns its language, it’s hard to stop it talking. But, since they learn programming language, they become silent! Spend a day in a software development company and you’ll realize it.

We, the common people, see these software developers as the human beings lacking social skills and one of those most boring creatures under the sun.

But, the fact is that it’s a profile where one needs special qualities like extreme concentration, high vision, passion and of course good programming skills.

There are situations when a programmer finds himself trapped between trail of questions and he doesn’t know how to fix them. Even the experienced programmers feel helpless in such cases.

So, here we’ve some tips to crack these puzzles. Don’t forget to read the Quick Remedies to Top Challenges of Android Development as well.

Looking for a change isn’t the solution

Often we think that we aren’t getting enough support from our colleagues and plan for a change. But, are you confirm that your ‘would be’ colleagues will be enough helpful? Changing your company couldn’t be the solution. Here are some actual solutions for you.

Talk to others

Is it embarrassing? Will it hurt your ego? Might be. But, when you work in an organization, you must have to be ready to entertain new ideas. It’s very true that often we overlook a brilliant idea just because we become monotonous and can’t think out of the box. Transfer it to others and mostly you’ll return with a good suggestion – unexpectedly.

Don’t wait for the worst

Software Development Error

In many software development companies, I’ve noticed that developers often use new codes that creates problem when they have already crossed long way. The basic reason is excess dependency on readymade codes and tight deadline as well.

I understand that it’s not always possible to research on such codes. But, why don’t you collect and experiment with these codes on your free times — at office, if not at home? Especially when it’s a matter of your experience and expertise?

We strongly suggest our developers at Xentric Technologies not to use unknown codes just because an anonymous has suggested it in a forum. In bottleneck situations, we entertain discussing with the seniors regarding these uncommon codes before we proceed.

Go through the process end-to-end

You started at point A, continued to B and then C and then understood that A to D was a better and simpler choice. Why face such dilemma to go back to an earlier phase or start from zero and loss the man-hours?

In most of the software development services the developers hardly create any systematic process flow. They find solution on the go. It not only decreases the quality of work and consumes more time, but also creates several unwanted hurdles.

Rather invest half an hour and prepare a draft of the process flow of the complete project after a discussion with your team members. Whenever someone finds a need to change the flow inform others and take their suggestion. Read the Useful Handbook for Custom Software Development.

Distract yourself

Don’t worry, I’m not drunk! There are situation where you become puzzled. It’s good idea to distract yourself from the situation. Lock the computer, take a mug of coffee and go to the balcony. Join a group and crack a joke or two or just look at the rushing people in the busy street.

Am not joking that I often get great solutions at toilet! Don’t know if it will work for you; or if you get flash of the solutions while sleeping or shopping with your girlfriend.

What I want to say is to get rid of the monotonous though and let the brain make some space for new. It might not sound rational; but it works. I’ve friends working in different software development services who have used this trick and got mind blowing results.

Also, if you’ve recently finished a long and exhausting project, I would suggest you to take two or three day leave and go on a vacation with your loved one. Recharge your mind with fresh energy and jump on the next project.

Don’t be a typical programmer

Moving fingers staring and talking to the screen, listening a few seconds after someone called you, asking for pen, while it’s in your pocket and so on are some of the basic characteristics of a typical programmer. It’s because programming has sucked up you!

Back to the lively earth and be a human being again! Stand up and stretch your body; drink a glass of water; walk a few steps in the corridor; talk to others; make a call to your little baby. If you have a gymnasium or canteen or any refreshment room go there.

No, just for a few minutes in every one or two hour. It might seem wastage of man-hour for your management; but if you’re loyal to your job, I swear, they won’t stop you.

The basic reason is that, when you work in a software development company and stick to your seat for hours, your body becomes stressed and you feel pain in neck, shoulder, backbone and waist and often in the knees as well. It won’t allow you to work with full concentration and you’re productivity and quality will decrease.

Join discussions

Earlier we’ve discussed 6 Tips to Remain Creative & Provide Out-of-the-Box Web Design, where we’ve asked to join online forums to enrich your knowledge and get new and innovative ideas. You can also join the discussion with your seniors at the day end instead of rushing to the pub. Share if you’ve any other better suggestion.

Useful handbook for cutom software development

A Useful Handbook for Custom Software Development

The demand of custom software development has increased in last a few years. People has eventually understood the necessity of a tailor made software. but, still more than half of the business organizations either use a ready-made software, offline software or don’t use any software. Why? Because, they don’t have a clear idea on how to develop a custom software, how to select the best software development company, or what can be the approximate costing. Well, here is a guideline for such businesspersons to offer them a freedom from the ‘compromises’ they do to their business.

Why custom software?

It may seem very childish question to many; but, there’re people who actually don’t know the right reason. Ready made software are developed with the plan to ‘fit all size’ which actually doesn’t works. Every business organizations that use such ready-to-use software, in fact compromises with their business. In such scenario, a custom software can help you get the perfect solution that you were looking for. It will have every that feature and functionality that you ever wanted. All the software development company, that develops custom software suggests their clients to go for custom software; not because they have better profit, but because it will satisfy the customer more than the off-the-shelf one.

Outsourcing or local development?

It’s an old argument. Well, both have their own advantages. Both have several votes. However, if you contact any local software development company, you’ll surely have a better control over the development process and will get a better convenience to communicate with the team. Though many would say that, online method also have several easy communication systems, it generally lengthens the communication process and makes it difficult to clarify some complex matters.

Risc Factor of Custom Software Development


How to calculate the costing?

Well, there’s no fixed theory. The best way is to compare the price with the selected top software development companies. However, you must know that generally custom software development costs more than ready-made-software. However, if you focus on the benefit part, it’ll surely appear more budget-friendly than those of the ready made ones. Remember, the more features you’ll demand, the more cost you have to pay. So, don’t lengthen the project uselessly and focus on the major features only. You can add some more features later on as you become financially more strong.

Well, then how to start the software development?

Today it’s very for several customer focused software development company. Just note down the major requirements and visit any IT firm and they will guide you through the process. However, if you can provide most of the information, the chances that you’ll get the perfect software will increase. You must know that they are master of the technology and you are master of your business. Combining both will provide the best outcome.

What more should I keep in mind?

Yes, there are certain points that you never should overlook when you consult with your software vendor. Support is the most important among them. No matter how better software you develop, you must need an excellent quality support with round the clock availability. Apart from this, you need the scope to upgrade your software, no matter it’s MLM software India, or anything else. Remember, scalability of software ensures a long life of the software.

NBFC Software

Secrets to Keep The Market of Your Bank Bullish Round The Year Using NBFC Software

Financial sector is the most lucrative area to get unbelievable profit in the least effort and shortest time. In countries like India, most of the giant business organizations get involved in the financial business to boost up their profit in the quickest way. However, it’s very surprising that when both the Demand and Supply is high, hardly few companies can collect the real cherry on the cake. Why? Because, it requires a tight control on the business activities, short turnaround time, high performance, low overhead and a constant source of potential customers. Without help of any powerful online NBFC software, it’s next to impossible in today’s competitive market. Let’s get some insight in this regard.

What are the problem areas?

In the hurry to become millionaire overnight, most of the NBFCs compromise in some major areas that affect their business and reputation in the long run. Here are some facts regarding the hurdles of growth:

  • Lack of infrastructure
  • Lack of skilled employees
  • Less insight driven marketing strategy
  • Complicated and frustratingly long business protocols
  • Absence of powerful online NBFC software
  • Less transparency in reports
  • Less visibility to future prospects
  • Poor communication between bank and customer
  • High overhead cost; low performance

We don’t say that all the companies are running in loss or they don’t have a powerful plan to increase their profit. But, it’s the high Demand of the market and absence of better alternatives that are still working in their favor. So, what we want to say is, if you can eliminate all these aforesaid issues, it would be much easier to get a solid foundation for the company. You don’t have to hard sell your products anymore. Isn’t it great!

NBFC Software Graph

Is it possible to implement in small companies like ours?

Of course, it’s not a cup of tea; neither it’s impossible. You just need a convenient way to get complete control over your business. And a complete report of your business is an indispensable weapon for you in this process. However, if you wait for your employees to create reports of different departments, you might waste another year and then it will be an ‘outdated report’. So, it’s always an intelligent decision to go for an automated NBFC software that will keep you up to date all the time from everywhere. Just log in and check what you want to know.

My staffs & customers aren’t well savvy. Won’t the software complicate the process even more?

Well, most of us, who have ever used any business software thinks so. Indeed they have used a generic offline software. But, technology have changed unbelievably and so do the intelligence of the software. There are online software it becomes really tough to guess ‘how did the software know, what I’m looking for!’ It’s nothing but a perfect mix of their passion, research, knowledge, skill and above all creativity. No matter how computer savvy your staffs or customers are, if they know how to open the website, they will be able to do everything easily.

Well, the software will manage the records. What more can we expect?

Unlike earlier days, online software are developed for more narrowed purpose with wider opportunities. Today, reputed IT companies have understood that ‘one size fits all’ isn’t a good idea to excel. They designs software with more powerful and intelligent features that will give you not just some records, but some insight driven statistics. You can develop robust strategy depending upon these statistics – both to maximize your resource utilization as well as to grab the potential customers.

As a bonus, you can get a quicker control over the huge overhead cost that without being insane. As we have found during research, that even the employees love to work with such NBFC software. Why? Here are some of the major reasons:

  • Reduces the workload by simplifying the work procedure
  • Reduces manual error through brilliant validations
  • Reduces necessity of rigorous concentration by automating work flow
  • Making it easy to find out data by paperless transaction
  • Easier to stay update about dues, overdues, customer data, contacts etc.
  • Better communication to customers and staffs through integrated email system
  • No mistake in updating customers because of automated email alerts
It must need high end machineries and infrastructure. I don’t think that we can afford.

Opposite indeed. One of the top benefits of online software is that you don’t need to invest huge in hardware environment for your online NBFC software. Everything will be hosted in a remotely located server (might be on the server of the software vendor) and will be connected to the internet. You can access all the information from any device like desktop, laptop, Smartphone or tablet if it is connected to the internet.

Everyday we listen about cyber scams. Isn’t it risky to go online?

That’s true that cyber scams are increasing everyday and so do the online security. Confused! Cyber criminals always target the less secure software or accounts as the number of such easy-going software isn’t too low. But, reputed companies hire special programmers to protect their software through multi layer protection shield. As NBFC software are used in banks, it’s always suggested to purchase your software from established software vendors like Xentric Technologies. For more satisfaction, ask the vendor to explain what kind of security system they use in their software. Otherwise, data in online software can be securer than your physical office.

And what about off-the-shelf and custom NBFC software?

Custom software generally requires a bit high budget and that’s why people mostly go for ready to use software. But, in the long run custom software always returns better. Why? Because it’s dedicatedly designed for you company with your own requirements. Here you’ll pay for what you need or use; not for the visually good but useless features. However, it’s best to consult with a reputed software vendor for more information.